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MOT Packages and Other Things You Need to Set Up a Testing Station in Surrey


Getting your Surrey workshop ready to carry out MOTs can be a long and drawn out process. Indeed, there are a number of requirements that your garage needs to meet before you can start work. As you no doubt already know, you can’t just buy any old vehicle lifts, brake testers, or tyre balancers and get to work.


Here at the Guaranteed Tool Company (GTC) in nearby Hampshire, we aim to help our Surrey customers get up and running as quickly as possible. With this in mind, the key things you need to begin undertaking MOTs include the following:



Authorised Examiner (AE) Status


This is the first thing that you or your company will need before you even consider purchasing one of our MOT packages. Without AE, it will be illegal to run any MOT tests and you will eventually face prosecution if you do so.


Yet while the AE qualification authorises you to carry out MOT tests, this status doesn’t carry over to other Surrey businesses you may own or work for in the future. Even if you purchase a firm with Authorised Examiner status, you must still apply for it yourself before you can start running MOT tests.


The may also apply if a partner leaves, or if the structure of your company changes and is assigned a new registration number as a result. Please get in touch for information.



Having Premises


Before applying for AE status, you will need to choose the vehicle classes that you will be working on at your Surrey workshop. This is vital because commencing work on vehicles for which you are not qualified may lead to losing your AE status and even prosecution.


You must also make sure that your workshop is large enough to actually carry out the tests in the proper manner. You will not be permitted to carry out MOTs until your workshop is large enough and houses the appropriate MOT packages.



The Right Equipment


You cannot carry out MOTs without the right equipment. For this reason, everything in your MOT testing station must meet specific requirements before you are legally allowed to use it.


Striking up good relationships with local suppliers in or around the Surrey area will help you on the road to obtaining the right tools. Here at the Guaranteed Tool Company, we are the main distributor for a host of major garage equipment brands. As a result, we offer a range of MOT packages for different vehicle classes. These packages include everything from vehicle lifts, to tyre balancers and brake testers to accommodate all your needs.


We supply, install and maintain a number of MOT packages for clients in and around the Surrey area. To find out more, please call the Guaranteed Tool Company on 01489 773 883 now!


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