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The Finest Vehicle Lifts in Hampshire and Surrounding Areas


As a result of partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the business, the Guaranteed Tool Company (GTC) is able to supply, install and maintain a number of high quality vehicle lifts for clients in the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Dorset areas.


This comes as a result of our status as a main distributor for Rotary and Ravaglioli Lifts; two companies offering new ranges of state-of-the-art vehicle lifts. So whether you need mobile column lifts, two posts, column, scissor vehicle lifts or anything else – please get in touch!

Single post vehicle lift

Single-Post Vehicle Lifts


Single-post vehicle lifts can use either electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical power. Great for use in 'tight spaces', they offer easy access to the underside of a vehicle in cases where, as a result of a lack of space or budget, our clients in or around Hampshire cannot use a two-post, scissor or cassette lift. While single-post vehicle lifts are ideal for routine vehicle servicing, their transverse load arm design can limit use in some applications.


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T100 Single-Post Vehicle Lifts


These lifts were once very popular, but lack the flexibility that work on modern vehicles often demands. The T100 includes the following features:


  • Hydraulic power
  • Few moving parts
  • Strong twist resistant design
  • 2.5 tonne capacity (high)
  • Long reach arms
  • Automatic arm locking
  • Mechanical safety locks
  • 12 month guarantee
  • Capacity: 2500kg
  • Lifting height: 2100mm
  • Lifting time: 47 seconds
  • Overall Height: 2675mm
  • Weight: 580kg
Two post vehicle lifts

Two-Post Vehicle Lifts


Two-post vehicle lifts are particularly suited to fast service work and are widely used by garages throughout Hampshire and its surrounding areas. Two-post units are space-saving and allow you to lift vehicles of up to seven tonnes in weight. They also provide a large amount of underside access. As they are surface mounted, they are cheap and easy to install in any workshops that are equipped with good floors.


Generally, two-post vehicle lifts use either electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical power. The electro-mechanical or 'screw type' is usually cheaper, but costs a lot to run. Many electro-mechanical two-post vehicle lifts suffer from a modest lifespan and average reliability.


Vehicle lifts that use electro-hydraulic power utilise rams rather than cables, chains or any other mechanical components within their load bearing systems. While these units normally cost more to buy, they are also very reliable, cost little to operate, do not suffer from wear and are long-lasting.

Four-Post Lifts


Four-post lifts offer stable lifting systems for most vehicles by virtue of their design. Four-post units are the most cost-effective way of lifting a vehicle with wheel supports due to the use of hydraulic power. Despite these benefits, the design requires a lot of space and its platforms can obstruct certain types of work.


Although still used extensively for MOT installations, four-post vehicle lifts have largely been replaced by cheaper and ergonomically-superior two-post lifts for routine service work in garages throughout Hampshire and its surrounding areas. The capacity of a four-post lift starts at three tonnes.

Rotary Four Post Lift (Hydraulic)

Rotary Four Post Lift (Hydraulic)


This range of Rotary four-post vehicle lifts offers high quality lifting solutions for any cars or light commercial vehicles that come into the workshops of our clients in and around Hampshire. Lifting capacities range from four to eight tonnes, with a range of options for platform widths and lengths. Models are available for everything from standard service work, to precision wheel alignment, to class IV and VII MOT work.


When it comes to four-post vehicle lifts, our experts believe that nothing beats the Ravaglioli range. A number of impressive features set these high quality products apart from any vehicle lifts of this type that are readily available to our clients in Hampshire and its surrounding areas.

Ravaglioli 4351.3TIMOT4, Four-Post, Class 4, ATL/OPTL MOT Lift (Capacity: 3500KG)

Ravaglioli 4351.3TIMOT4, Four-Post, Class 4, ATL/OPTL MOT Lift (Capacity: 3500KG)


The Italian-made Ravaglioli 4351 is part of the RAV4000 range of four-post vehicle lifts. The design of the 4351.3IMOT4 variants makes them ideal for Class IV ATL or OPTL MOT lanes, while they also have full VOSA approval. The RAV4351.3 four-post lift uses built-in play detectors with hand-controlled hydraulic operation.


These lifts come equipped with mechanical, hydraulic and electric safety devices, as well as automatic anti toe-trap alarms (during the final stage of descent), in-line with the latest CE standards.

Ravagloli 4402 SI Four-Post Wheel Alignment Lift

Ravagloli 4402 SI Four-Post Wheel Alignment Lift


The RAV4402 SI four-post ramp comes with fully integrated wheel-free scissor platforms. RAV4402 vehicle lifts include 4460mm main platforms, in addition to the following features:


  • Optimum size for cars and light commercial vehicles
  • 4000kg capacity
  • Front wheel swivel plates with spacing blocks
  • Rear wheel floating beds for wheel alignment
  • Scissor lifting pads

Scissor Lifts


Scissor lifts use hydraulic power and offer all the benefits of their two and four-post counterparts, yet minus the posts that take up so much space. As a result, they are a real space saver for any workshop in or around the Hampshire area, while also providing a great deal of access around a vehicle.


Scissor lifts can either use recessed platforms or be surface mounted to make them level with the floor of the workshop. The 'in-ground' style allows more flexible use of the workshop area, while also making shop cleaning simpler. The design of the scissor lift makes it perfect for wheel alignment because its platforms offer central support and are resistant to deformation, which in turn facilitates easy level adjustments.


Commercial Lifts and Mobile Columns


The Commercial scissor lifts are ideal for raising vehicles of up to 20 tonnes in weight. They are also easy to use for all kinds of commercial repairs. Mobile columns are flexible, efficient and easy to use for commercial vehicle repairs. The movable carriage forks make lifting smaller vehicles easier, while they also remove the need for 'small wheel' auxiliary adapters.


Scissor Lifts


Our scissor lifts include the following models:

Rotary ML40LT-42 In-ground Scissor Lift

Rotary ML40LT-42 In-ground Scissor Lift


Uses electro-hydraulic power and comes with lifting table. Suitable for wheel alignment, although it does not come with a cut-out for a rotary plate.

Ravaglioli 5081 Scissor Lift w/Short Extendable Beds (Capacity: 3000kg)

Ravaglioli 5081 Scissor Lift w/Short Extendable Beds (Capacity: 3000kg)


The RAV508I scissor lift is designed to rest flush with extendable platforms. This makes it easier to reach the pick-up points on a wide range of vehicles. The RAV5081 comprises the following features:


  • Auto levelling – the lift stays perfectly level every time the platforms reach the floor
  • Mechanical lock - helps to optimise safety for the user as the lift extends while holding a load.
  • Self-lubricating bushings - fitted on every pivot point of the lift to help reduce wear and produce a higher garage life expectancy.
  • Maximum load capacity of 3000kg
Ravaglioli 6351 Low Profile Scissor Lift Ramp (Capacity: 3500Kg)

Ravaglioli 6351 Low Profile Scissor Lift Ramp (Capacity: 3500Kg)


These Ravaglioli scissor lifts sit 155mm above floor level and provide a great alternative to recessed lifts. These models are fitted with flat platforms of 4200mm x 2100mm. Some of the main features of the RAV6351LP also include the following:


  • Loud alarm - sounds once the lift is in the final stage of lowering
  • Hydraulic levelling system - this helps to ensure the platforms stay level, no matter what the weight distribution
  • Extra low profile beds - 155mm above floor level
  • Maximum capacity of 3500kg

Mobile Column Vehicle Lifts


We supply a growing range of commercial vehicle garage equipment to complement the Rotary MC72-4 column vehicle lifts. These feature a very heavy duty design and come with protected rams and full hydraulic operation. These vehicle lifts have a capacity of 7.2 tonnes per column. Each column comes complete with a wheel dolly with fully adjustable wheel yokes. With these vehicle lifts, you get fast operation and a five-year warranty on pistons.

MC72 Series

MC72 Series


The MC Mobile Column Lift consists of four or six columns, with adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes. In combination with multiple accessories, the MC Mobile Column Lift can handle almost any vehicle configuration or repair needed by modern commercial fleets. These durable hydraulic vehicle lifts are reliable, as well as easy to use and install.


Utilising automatic synchronisation and double safety systems, the MC72 series provides a safe method of lifting heavy duty vehicles. With no foundation or expensive installation necessary, our clients in or around Hampshire can quickly turn empty space, indoors or outdoors, into a repair, inspection or wash area. The ex-stock we have available includes the following:


Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Fully enclosed in carriage
  • Combination of rollers and slider blocks for maximum stability
  • Provides visual indications of carriage height
  • Raises column rear automatically when weight is removed to make it more portable
  • T-handle locks wheel to allow users to position columns securely
  • Each column will carry up to 7.2 tonnes
  • Motor capacity: 1.1kW
  • Lifting speed: 0.8m per minute
  • Control voltage: 24v dc
  • Operation voltage: 400v, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Series HydroLift 4.10

Series HydroLift 4.10


This fully hydraulic mobile column lift uses double load-safety, synchronisation and safety controls, designed to EN 1493 standards. It also has a HYDRO-Protect system to safeguard the lifting cylinder, an FS-profile to protect the wheel-hub, in addition to a VARIO-fork to grip diverse tyre-sizes without the need for an adapter.


Finally, the HydroLift 4.0 includes a decentralised control so that users can choose to make up, down and emergency-stop commands from the body of each lifting unit quickly and with ease.


Technical Data:

  • Capacity: 4 x 10 tonnes
  • Weight : 520kg
  • Hub: 1800mm
  • Lifting time (with full load): 120s
  • Lowering time (with full load): 120s
  • E-Motor: 2.2kW
  • Tire size: variable
Trademaster T7100 Four Post 25 Tonne CV Lift

Trademaster T7100 Four Post 25 Tonne CV Lift


  • Lifting capacity: 25 tonnes
  • Column height: 2079mm
  • Platform length: 8000mm
  • Platform width: 810mm
  • Min platform height: 240mm
  • Distance between platforms: 1000mm
  • Length of drive-on ramp: 1576mm
  • Drive through width: 3500mm
  • Lifting speed: 85 seconds
  • Hydraulic or mechanical: Hydraulic
  • Motor specification: 1 x 2.2kW
  • Suitable for MOT? No
  • Colours: Grey

What Should You Look for in Commercial Vehicle Lifts?


There is a wide range of commercial lift designs available. The best of these vehicle lifts feature hydraulic operation to aid performance, durability and to minimise running costs. As specialists, the GTC team is very well-versed in commercial vehicle lifting equipment and will be able to answer any questions our clients or around Hampshire may have.


If you live or work in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, or Sussex and need vehicle lifts for any purpose – please get in touch! Call the Guaranteed Tool Company (GTC) on 01489 77383!

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