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Workshop Tools and Equipment


The Guaranteed Tool Company (GTC) specialises in tools and spare parts for the motor trade. We supply these products to both trade customers and the public in Hampshire and throughout the UK. You can reach us either by phone, online or by visiting us at our Southampton base.


As a result of our large buying power, we are able to offer excellent prices for a wide range of high quality products. We deliver our tools and spare parts to your door via courier service. So, whether you need oil reels, tyre balancers, air conditioning, or anything else – please call GTC today!


System Installation Works

Fluid Handling


Here at GTC, we are experts in the field of garage equipment and lubrication systems. We have a great deal of experience in designing, organising and installing complete lubrication systems for garages, vehicle repair shops and fleet service depots, not just in Hampshire, but nationwide.


As a result, we supply only the best lubrication products on the market. So whether you need oil, grease pumps, meters, hose reels, or stock control and bulk oil management systems – please get in touch with GTC! As specialists, we are ready to help solve your stock control and metering problems instantly, which allows you to get on with running your business. Our oil monitoring systems include the following:


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Oil Reels

Oil Reels


PL9450.40 Cased Composite Hose Reel with 10m x 1/2" Bore Hose


Price: £376.00

Fuel Retrievers

Fuel Retrievers


  • Designed in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Rotary hand pump
  • Lockable shut-off valve
  • Hose and pump equipped with anti-flash protection
  • Comes in safety red finish
  • Brake-equipped non-spark wheels and castors
  • Safety warning labels
  • Capacity: 50 litres
  • Pump flow rate: 50 litres/min
  • Length: 540mm
  • Width: 475mm
  • Height: 1270mm
  • Weight empty: 22kg
  • Product code: VOFR


Price: £462.00

Anti – Syphon Kit (to suit Ford models)


£125.00 All prices listed are subject to VAT.

Air Systems and Compressors

LE/LT Series

LE/LT Series

The LE/LT compressor range covers the precise needs of many of our clients in and around Hampshire. This range of compressors uses many proven design features. These include V- design and lightweight materials for low vibration and optimal heat dissipation.


These features ensure that your compressor remains in good working order for many years to come. The cooling fan and cast-iron crankshaft receive support from heavy-duty ball bearings to further ensure a long lifespan, as well as smooth and quiet operation.


The LE/LT range requires minimal maintenance, with long service intervals and reduced running costs. In addition, the range boasts very low oil carry-over levels (< 0.1 g/kW/h). This makes the units ideal for continuous use in general industrial applications.

Clients in and around Hampshire have long realised the benefits of purchasing the products in this range with Atlas Copco DD/PD filters, CD adsorption air dryers and FD refrigerant. This is because together they form high quality packages for applications which require the use of pure air.


We have a range of ex-stock available with capacities of 2.70 to 28.90 l/s - 5.72 to 61.27 cfm. These come with pressure ratings of 10, 15, 20 and 30 bar - 145, 218, 290, 435 psi. Our ex-stock products include the following:

New GX11 Series

New GX11 Series

Atlas Copco screw compressors continue to raise the bar for performance and reliability in the market. With the new GX 2-11, Atlas Copco offers the outstanding reliability and remarkable power of an industrial screw compressor to small and medium-sized businesses in Hampshire and across the UK.


The compressors sit close to point of use which allows easy installation and reach. A number of options include a choice of floor or tank mounting, while integrated dryers are available to provide even greater flexibility.


In addition to its very small footprint, the GX series releases cool air from the top. This allows you to place the unit against walls, or in a corner of your workshop. Tank-mounted GX units with built-in dryers reduce the amount of space the unit takes up even further. Many of our clients in and around Hampshire find these products to be great space savers.


The GX11 Series also brings ease of use to another level. In fact, the GX 7-11 compressors are real plug and play units thanks to easy installation and single power supplies on all models. All air connections use a design which reduces pressure drop and the risk of potential air leaks.


Aerosols, moisture and dirt particles are very part of work in garages in Hampshire and indeed everywhere. Yet it can damage your piping, compressed air tools and other machinery, as well as the quality of your service. With this in mind, you should be aware that the GX 2-11 FF gives you an integrated dryer and in-line air filter to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.


Here at GTC in Southampton (Hampshire), we have a wide range of air compressors available ex-stock, at great prices. Please contact us for further details.

Exhaust and Dust Extraction Systems

Exhaust and Dust Extraction Systems

Here at GTC, we supply a large number of fume, exhaust and dust extraction systems to garages, body shops and industrial workshops in Hampshire and its surrounding areas. In fact, we give you a huge range of equipment to suit your budget, as well as your specific technical needs.


We are also happy to supply a CAD generated layout of your proposed installation, to discuss your requirements and to offer you the benefit of our expert advice. We can also provide COSHH assessments for your dust and exhaust extraction system for its entire lifespan.

Hydraulic Equipment and General Workshop Tools

Fold-Away Crane



Fold-Away Crane

  • Assemble or fold away in just seconds
  • Easy to store
  • Model No: WJN10

Price: £691.63

Jacks: 2-50 tonne Webber Hydraulic Bottle-Type ALX15-230 15 tonne Single-Lift


  • Standard spec



Price: £122.98


AHX20-240 20 Tonne Single-Lift


  • Chrome Ram
  • H.D Handle Block


Price: £160.60



A30-240 30 tonne Single-Lift (Standard Spec)


Price: £ 231.50



A50-250 50 tonne Single Lift (Standard Spec)


Price: £570.63



Jacks: 2-20 Tonne Trolley Jacks (Weber and Euro Range)


WDK20Q 2 Tonne (Ultra Low)


  • Standard spec


Price: £279.29


WDK100Q 10 Tonne (Quick Approach)


• Short Chassis


Price: £1324.90


WTJ20A 20 tonne (Standard Spec)


Price: £2079.44


VL10 Transmission Jack Yankee (One-Tonne Vertical)


Price: £545.38


1030CXDK Trolley Jack Yankee (Two-Tonne Short Chassis)


  • Axle Stands
  • Storage Case


Price: £64.95





AR-903B Workstation


  • Five-drawer chest
  • Under-bench tool trolley with four drawers
  • Closet with retractable door




AR- 903A Workstation


  • Five drawer chest
  • Four-drawer under-bench tool trolley
  • Closet with retractable door and tool cabinet wall panel, aluminium shutter and key locking system.


Rear fixing kit is included as standard







Automotive Tools


As a main dealer of the Facom and Sykes Pickavant ranges, GTC stocks a wide range of professional motor trade products. These include – but are not limited to - the following:


  • Toolboxes and Roll Cabs
  • Spanners and Sockets (3.2 – 100mm)
  • Torque Wrenches (40lb-ins to 2000lb-ft)
  • Setting and Locking Tools
  • Compression and Cooling Testers
  • Steering and Suspension Tools




Available Ex-Stock:


Tool Trolley (Beta Two-Module)


  • Sheet metal frame
  • Plastic tops
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Two detachable modules: One upper tool box, one module with two drawers (95   mm high)
  • One pull-out case made of plastic (66 mm high)
  • One drawer (295 mm high)
  • Oversized castors (160 mm) built into frame for easy transport on steps etc.
  • Side centralized lock for closing drawers securely
  • Drawers come with double closing hook and ball bearing slides
  • Telescopic aluminium handle
  • Small tool holder built into top tool box


Price: £386.00



Facom/Britool Tool Boxes


  • 49cm box BP.C19
  • Two storage compartments on the lid
  • Retractable handle
  • Strong metal catches for locking with padlock (not included)
  • Removable tray
  • Stackable
  • Dimensions: 49.3 x 25.6 x 24.8 cm (31 dmZ)


Price: £18.93



Fabric Tool Box BS.T20


  • Dimensions: 49 x 22 x 35cm
  • Denier fabric (1,200 x 1,200mm)
  • High strength
  • Rigid, waterproof tool compartment
  • Aluminium handle
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Leather grip
  • Closing flap
  • Screwdriver partition
  • Elastic tool retaining strap
  • Vast array of side pockets
  • Saw compartment with self-adhesive strips (adjustable)
  • Easy access to the tool compartment
  • Flap-top storage pouch


Price: Was £62.95, now £47.25



JET.XL Six-Drawer Roller Cabinet


  • Overall dimensions (including wheels and worktop): 780 (L) x 520 (D) x 970mm (D)
  • Drawer sizes: 4 x 60mm + 1 x 130mm + 1 x 270mm
  • Drawer dimensions : 569 (L) x 421 (D) x 60/130/200/270mm (H)
  • Drawer weight capacity: 20/25/30kg.
  • Four wheel dimensions: 125 mm (D); two castors, two fixed, one with brake.


Price: £457.32

Jacks: 2-50 tonne Webber Hydraulic Bottle-Type ALX15-230 15 tonne Single-Lift
VL10 Transmission Jack Yankee (One-Tonne Vertical)
1030CXDK Trolley Jack Yankee (Two-Tonne Short Chassis)
AR-903B Workstation
AR- 903A Workstation
Tool Trolley (Beta Two-Module)
FACOM and Sykes-Pickavant logos
Facom/Britool Tool Boxes
Fabric Tool Box BS.T20
JET.XL Six-Drawer Roller Cabinet

Air Tools


Here at Guaranteed Tool Company (GTC), we are authorised dealers and repairers for the entire Chicago Pneumatic Automotive air tool range. As a result, we have many ex-stock items available.


These include the following:


  • Air Wrenches from ¼ - 1” Sq. drive
  • Drills; Angled and Reversible (3/8 –1/2”)
  • Polishers and Grinders; Orbital, Angled and Palm
  • Ratchets (3/8 - 1/2”)
  • Air Riveters (3/16 – 1/4”)


For more details on any of the Chicago Pneumatic range of Air Tools, please get in touch. Any garage using local exhaust ventilation (LEV) to control fumes, vapour and dust must ensure that the system stays in good working order and that it continues to operate as it should.


You are legally obliged to ensure a formal examination and test of the LEV system at least once a year, in line with COSHH Regulations. However, the amount of servicing your system needs will depend how much you use it and for what purpose.

Air Tools

Tyres and Wheels


GTC is a main dealer of Trademaster wheel care equipment in Hampshire and the UK. As a result, our stock range contains products to suit the largest tyre shops and the smallest garages. We carefully select our tyre balancers, changers and wheel balancing equipment from the Beissbarth range for performance, reliability and quality. As experts in these products, we also offer excellent service support.


New to the range are the state-of-the-art T2000 wheel and tyre balancers. The T2000 offers an unrivalled specification and value for money, while the T2005 tyre changer is designed to meet all the challenges of modern tyre fitting.


We can supply and install the T2004/I Techno Roller Arm as an optional extra. Our specialists highly recommend the Techno Roller Arm as an addition to the T2003 and T2004 tyre changers as a means of providing suitable coverage for low profile tyres and alloy rims.

Wheel Changers

Trademaster T2510 Fully-Automatic Tyre Changer

Trademaster T2510 Fully-Automatic Tyre Changer


• Fully automatic operation

• Maximum rim width of 13”

• Clamping range of 10”- 24” (22” external)

• 2500kg Bead Breaker

Trademaster T2510 Tyre Changer

Trademaster T2510 Tyre Changer


We can add a robotic arm to T2500 to allow the fitting and removal of ultra-low profile and run-flat tyres. The Trademaster T2510 comprises the following features:


• State-of-the-art 100mm diameter cylinder

• Dual-function dynamic bead depressor/static roller

• Uses 8–10 bar air supply

• Adds approximately 300mm to width of T2510

• Weight: 80kg

Megamount 502

Megamount 502


The Megamount 502 Racing is suitable for alloy wheel/ low profile tyre applications and is operated automatically. Its heavy duty construction and 24” clamping ability, in addition to its use of the bead press device and the new Megafit 2 robotic arm, set this apart from other machines in its price range.

Yet another feature that sets the Megamount 502 apart from the crowd is its unique bushing system. This regulates the movement turret, which in turn eliminates the wear and tear caused by the pivot/hinge pin method commonly used by other companies.

Megamount 701XL

Megamount 701XL


The Megamount 701XL Evolution is based on the hugely popular 701XL model, but with the addition of an innovative ‘level-less’ system. This advanced model eliminates the need for a tyre lever. It also maintains all of the versatility which is very familiar to many of our clients in and around the Hampshire area.

Wheel and Tyre Balancers

T2100 Motorised Wheel Balancer

T2100 Motorised Wheel Balancer


  • Automatic data input of rim offset and diameter
  • Automatic spin (engages when lowering of wheel guard)
  • Sleep function
  • Behind spoke balancing
  • Full range of optional accessories
Megaspin 200

Megaspin 200


The Megaspin 200 – 2 is another great innovation. These motorised wheel balancers only run at ‘hand spin’ speed, which removes the need for a wheel guard.  This compact arrangement allows you to place the machine tight against a wall; which makes it a great space saver.

Megaspin 400

Megaspin 400


These wheel and tyre balancers couldn’t be easier to use. Simply choose your desired weight position and lower the hood. An ultrasonic sensor takes all dimensions automatically, while the ‘Megastick’ weight placement arm guides the user back to the chosen weight locations.

Building on the features on offer in the Megaspin 200, this model is designed for those customers in or around Hampshire for whom only the best will do. The Megaspin 400 is also perfect for high volume tyre shops where a good balance of speed and accuracy is important. The Megaspin 400 offers the ‘behind-spoke balancing’ function featured on the entire range and is very much built to last.

Wheel Alignment Equipment




  • 1 x mobile workstation
  • 1 x Windows PC (industrial specification)
  • 1 x keyboard
  • 1 x mouse
  • 1 x 22” colour flat-screen monitor
  • 1 x colour inkjet printer
  • 4 x Bluetooth BT2 cordless digital infrared sensors
  • 1 x re-charging system (lithium)
  • 1 x foot brake pedal
  • 4 x wheel hangers (ranging in size from 12” to 24”
  • 1 x steering wheel-lock
STR1LCHC24 Laser Wheel Aligner Half Cabinet

STR1LCHC24 Laser Wheel Aligner Half Cabinet


This model fixes to the wall on a suspended unit to save space in workshops. It comprises the following features:


  • laser equipment (as standard)
  • 1 x pair wheel hangers (12" to 24")
  • 2 x measuring heads
  • 1 x steering wheel lock
  • 2 x rear scales
  • 1 x pair dished turn plates
  • 1 x pair turn plate bases
  • 1 x instruction book
  • 1 x auto data chart
  • 1 x wall mounted storage unit with charging system
  • 1 x wall mounted LED display light box
  • 12 month warranty
STR210R Computer Wheel Alignment Equipment

STR210R Computer Wheel Alignment Equipment


  • 1 x mobile workstation
  • 1 x PC (Linux)
  • 1 x 19” colour monitor
  • 1 x printer
  • 1 x computer keyboard
  • 1 x industrial strength battery charger
  • 4 x digital infrared measuring heads
  • 1 x steering wheel lock
  • 4 x wheel hangers (ranging in size from 12” to 24”)
  • 1 x foot brake pedal
  • 12 month warranty


The Linux software installed on the computer can only be changed by approved servicing staff.

STR1LCTR24 Laser Wheel Aligner Trolley

STR1LCTR24 Laser Wheel Aligner Trolley


For more portability within the work place, this version comes mounted on casters. The STR1LCTR24 has the following features:


  • Laser equipment (as standard)
  • 2 x measuring heads with wheel hangers
  • 2 x rear scales
  • 1 x 24” wheel hangers
  • 1 x steering wheel lock
  • 1 x pair dished turn plates
  • 1 x pair turn plate bases
  • 1 x instruction booklet
  • 1 x auto data chart
  • 1 x LED lit mobile merchandising trolley (with charger)
STRT3 and STRT4 Truck Wheel Alignment Systems

STRT3 and STRT4 Truck Wheel Alignment Systems


  • Useable on four-post lifts, pits or floors
  • Allows easy access to track rod ends
  • Eliminates vehicle rolling
  • Fits wheels in sizes 17”-24”
  • Turning discs for accuracy as standard
  • ‘Laser’ beam for easy to read measurements
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Instructions come with all units
  • Support from dedicated telephone helpline
  • Model STRT3 has single steer option
STR1500 Hang-On Supertracker System

STR1500 Hang-On Supertracker System


  • Allows easy access to track rod ends
  • Eliminates vehicle rolling
  • You can use it with four-post lifts, floors and pits
  • Fits wheels in sizes ranging from 19.5” to 24.5”
  • Turning discs for accuracy (as standard)
  • Laser beam makes measurements easy to read
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • Instruction sheet supplied with all kits
  • Full support available via telephone helpline
STR1000 Laser Car Tracking Gauge

STR1000 Laser Car Tracking Gauge


  • Allows easy access to ends of track rods
  • Stops the vehicle from rolling to and fro
  • Can be used on two and four-post lifts, floors and pits
  • Wheel frames fit all makes from Minis to 4x4s
  • Turning discs for accuracy (included as standard)
  • 'Laser' beam to make measurements easy to read
  • Rechargeable battery pack with charger
  • Comes with wall mounted storage
  • Battery pack and charger
  • Instructions manual
  • Data sheet
  • Dedicated product support via telephone
MCA 1 Motorcycle Aligner

MCA 1 Motorcycle Aligner


  • Design and manufacture by Supertracker
  • Made from high quality components
  • Measures from the swinging arm to the fulcrum point of the motorcycle
  • Attaches to the motorcycle using a unique fixture (patent pending)
  • Quick and easy fixing to swinging arm spindle
  • A longer laser beam allows you to take all measurements from one position
  • Laser beam produces a straight edge in two planes
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Laser head uses no moving parts
  • Wall-mounted
  • Air Conditioning
  • Neat and compact
  • Affordable
  • Works in conjunction with all motorcycle stands

Air Conditioning Equipment

ACM3000PL Trademaster Air Con Machine

ACM3000PL Trademaster Air Con Machine


The ACM3000PL offers the following functions:


  • Automatic recycling
  • Automatic recovery
  • Programmable vacuum phase
  • Automatic oil discharge
  • Automatic A/C testing
  • Automatic refrigerant charging
  • Automatic non-condensable discharge
  • Multi-language display
  • Programmable maintenance
  • Data transfer and database updates with Smart key



The ACM300PL needs less maintenance and less time to service. It is also highly efficient which further reduces running costs.


Technical information:


  • Dimensions: 55 x 52 x 95cm
  • Vacuum pump: 70L/min 2.5CFM at 50Hz
  • Refrigerant: R134a Compressor (1/4 HP 300qrs/min)
  • Hose management: 244cm/SAE-J2196
  • Manometers: 80mm Class 1 84L/min 3CFM at 60Hz
  • Maximum pressure: 18 bar
  • Operating temperature: 10 - 50°C
  • Power supply: 230V 50-60Hz
  • Oil tank: 2 x 250ml
  • Tank capacity: 8kg
  • Weight: 60Kg (132.3 litres)
Beissbarth Air Conditioning – MAC Range

Beissbarth Air Conditioning – MAC Range


Here at GTC in Southampton, we offer the MAC range of Beissbarth Air Conditioning Service Equipment for its high quality, wide range of functions, ease of use and impressive performance. Many of our clients in and around Hampshire continue to see the many benefits of the MAC range. The features of the range include the following:


  • 16kg charging cylinder
  • Vacuum pump performance of 4 veh./h
  • Can print out multiple copies of important service data (MAC 2000P)
  • Patented feed system for UV additives and new oil
  • Automatically recycles refrigerant as well as oil and additive management (6-Point-Cyclomatic)
  • Integrated charging quantity database
  • Automatic vacuum checks
  • Leakage search agent (charges automatically)
  • Operator guidance via manometer and large display
  • Heated cylinder charger for quick charging
  • Heating works during the charging process
  • Air conditioning system equipped with advanced cleaning function (requires cleaning container)
  • Economical 500 ml old oil container
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