Mobile Column Lifts

There is a wide range of commercial vehicle lift designs available. The best of these vehicle lifts feature hydraulic operation to aid performance, durability and to minimise running costs. As specialists, the GTC team is very well-versed in commercial vehicle lifting equipment and supply the range of Technique Mobile Column Lifts. 

Configuration sets of 4, 6 or 8 are available with safe working loads of up to 10 tonnes on each column. With wireless communication across the range, each column has its own control panel that enables you to control the whole group of columns simultaneously. This interface will display operation modes (all, group, single), height of columns, diagnostic / maintenance information and the number of column in a set.

Of course with the lifts being wireless, power would come from 2 batteries in each column, gel type, maintenance-free, with 20 lifting cycles with full load. There are also battery life indicators on the control panel of each column. Each column also has a battery changer with a 10 meter charging cable. The battery charger works as such and is not for power supply, but batteries can be charged during operation. Recharging time approx. 10 hours.

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