Headlight Aligners

At GTC, we supply the Technique T4600 range of headlight aligners. The Stylish and economic design is not only durable, reliable and stable but the quality build of the T4600 range enables unparalleled performance for garages and MOT test stations.

The Key to the T4600 range of headlight aligners performance is the Fresnel lens. This headlight aligner collects the maximum light and provides a high quality image on the screen. It also permits a wide focusing range on 200mm - 800mm and is lighter and less prone to damage than a traditional glass lens.

Aligning the headlight aligners optical head to the vehicle drive line is a vital requirement for accurate headlamp assessment and setting. By using a new generation "Linear Laser", the T4600 laser projects a bright red light beam line onto the vehicle, which can be easily inspected for positioning. 

The advanced electronic models have a sensing system surrounding the lens that optimises the position of the optical head in front of the vehicle headlamp. Guidance on movement of the tester head is displayed on an LCD read-out.
The sensors also provide graphical information about beam brightness, glare, main beam focus and fog lamps, that can also be checked and set.

The T4610 and T4610C headlight aligners can also download data to a computer to allow printing, or can be supplied with bluetooth connectivity to use with a suitable printer.

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