In-ground Lifts

In-ground lifts with balance plates are the perfect solution for normal repair work. Absolute freedom all around and unhindered access to all areas of the vehicle offer the best working conditions. The mechanic does not have to contend with above-ground rams or swivel arms reaching under from outside.


The hydraulically operated in ground lifts or cassette lifts are the pinnacle or workshop lifting equipment. By employing two vertical rams, to lift through either platforms or an arm system, it is possible to achieve almost complete access under a vehicle. They are also ideal where work bays need to be narrow.

Models up to 5 tonnes in capacity are available to lift most types of car and light commercial vehicles and meet virtually any requirement from fast service through to tyre and exhaust work. Smooth and quiet in operation, rugged, reliable, low operational and maintenance costs and a tidy appearance are just a few of the features that make these lifts the ultimate choice.

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Workshop Design

We can work with you to plan your new workshop layout and produce plan drawings using CAD software.

We can supply and install new equipment (including compressed air and oil line systems). We can also work with other contractors, architects and DVSA to ensure that you get a workshop that satisfies the needs of your business in practical, financial and legal terms.

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What our customers say

"I have always found GTC to be very professional, reliable and competent, with a friendly voice at the end of the phone." - Andrew at Baldocks Ltd
"For nearly twenty years I have been using GTC to install and complete the six monthly tests and inspections on all of our fourteen vehicle lifts. Their engineers are experienced, knowledgeable and complete a first class job on every visit." - Glyn Ford at VFS