Technique Jacks

Reliability is critical in a busy workshop, and a majorlift jack – at the heart of the daily workload - is only reliable as its weakest part. That's why at GTC we supply Technique Jacks to customers in and around the Hampshire area.

The Technique range is quality engineered to perform – and keep on performing – to ensure that operational downtime is minimised, and staff have the working space and the protection they need. Technique continues to set the benchmark for innovation, quality, durability and value. 

Vehicle Lift Jacking Beams

16th April 2018

Rated up to 6 Tonnes, Technique vehicle lift jacking beams are trusted by thousands of garages as well as the UK’s leading roadside recovery service.

Pit Mounted Commercial Jacks

16th April 2018

Rapid, reliable and rigorously safe – the Pit Mounted Commercial Jacks will tackle anything and everything up to 40 tonnes.

Lift Mounted Commercial Jacks

16th April 2018

Rated from 8 up to 20 Tonnes, the Technique Lift Mounted Commercial Jacks have proven to be a powerful combination to provide reliable operations.

Vertical Transmission Jacks

16th April 2018

Rated at either 1000 kg or 2000 kg, this unit is designed specifically to provide safe, rapid removal and replacement of heavy transmissions.

Pit Transmission Jack

16th April 2018

Roll along, remove, roll back, replace. There is, quite simply, no easier, safer and quicker way to remove gearboxes, diffs and propshafts than the PTJ1000.

Low Clearance Floor Transmission Jack

16th April 2018

If your operations ever call for a low clearance floor transmission jack, the FTJ1000 has all the qualities you expect from a Technique product.