Lubrication Products

Working with our quality partners, we supply only the best lubrication products on the market.

As specialists, we are ready to help solve your stock control and metering problems instantly, which allows you to get on with running your business. So whether you need oil, grease pumps, meters, hose reels, or stock control and bulk oil management systems. Our systems are also compatible with our DEA range of cabinets and pit installations.

Hose Reels

GTC provide Spring Operated Hose Reels with longer hose lengths for oil, grease, air and water. If mounted to the ceiling the hose guide must be located to give correct hose direction. All hoses are fitted with swaged couplings. Delivered with a nozzle for quick connection/change of the probes. We recommend the shortest and biggest hose diameter.

Oil Pumps and Ram Systems

Oil pumps come as either standard Air operation or Electric gear pump, Electric Transfer Pump or Battery operated, with a choice of both normal and mobile oil dispensers. They can be used for either fresh fluid supply or waste disposal.
Pump Ram Systems Function like a lift, but also exert downward force. Ram air cylinders push pump and follower plate into the fluid. Rams feature two-posts that exert downward force on pump to maintain prime. Ram also lifts pump to ease changeover of empty fluid containers.

Hose End Controls for Oil, Grease & Glycol

There are various different Hose End Controls available. From Digital Hose End Meters and Digital Line Meters, to the more basic manual oil and grease Control Valve, GTC can meet your criteria. All hose end controls come with Control Valve and inlet strainer which minimises the contamination risk. Delivered with an outlet hose, non-drip nozzle and a swivel.

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We provide DEA workshop cabinets and technical furniture. They are manufactured in module size, allowing the design for a technical solution to fit the needs of new build workshops and the constraints of existing workshops. With the workshop now being considered by most to be as important aesthetically as the front of house, there is a need to raise the standards whilst at the same time, increase the functionality and connectivity of the workshop environment.

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Workshop Design

GTC can work with you to plan your new workshop design layout and produce plan drawings using CAD software.

We can supply and install new equipment (including compressed air and oil line systems). We can also work with other contractors, architects and DVSA to ensure that you get a garage workshop that satisfies the needs of your business in practical, financial and legal terms.

Workshop Furniture & Equipment

MOT Equipment

Our MOT packages offer you modern, reliable equipment at very competitive prices.

Yet when you purchase a GTC MOT bay, you don’t just receive state-of-the-art vehicle lifts, brake testers and emissions testing equipment! As a valued customer, you also get the highest level of service from pre-sales help right through to aftercare.

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