At GTC we can make a range of pits to suit any garage. All pits are built around one basic design, but the variations in length that are possible, along with the number of optional extras available, gives the purchaser an endless range of combinations. So whether you are after an MOT or Serving Pit, Class IV, Class VII or Commercial, GTC can design and carry out the installation of your pit. 

With no mechanical parts, you will suffer virtually no downtime that could potentially occur on a mechanical lift. So a pit is not only cheaper in maintenance but is also a great space saver, especially for workshops with low ceilings. There can even be a greater vehicle through put, as it makes it possible to work underneath a vehicle as the same above.

With advances over the years, pits can now incorporate Oil waste and Lubrications systems into the design as well as electric and air supply. When all the benefits of construction and installation are taken into account they are excellent overall value for money when compared with the alternatives.


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Workshop Design

We can work with you to plan your new workshop design layout and produce plan drawings using CAD software.

We can supply and install new equipment (including compressed air and oil line systems). We can also work with other contractors, architects and DVSA to ensure that you get a workshop that satisfies the needs of your business in practical, financial and legal terms.

Workshop Furniture & Equipment