Vehicle Lifts

As a result of partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the business, GTC is able to supply, install and maintain a number of high quality vehicle lifts for clients.

This comes as a result of our status as a main distributor for Rotary and Technique Lifts; two companies offering new ranges of state-of-the-art vehicle lifts. So whether you need Two Post, Four Post, Full Length or Short Scissor Lifts, In Ground or Column Lifts – please get in touch!

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Two Post Lifts

Two post vehicle lifts are particularly suited to fast service work and are widely used by garages throughout Hampshire and its surrounding areas. Two-post units from GTC are space-saving and allow you to lift vehicles of up to seven tonnes in weight. 

GTC Two Post Lifts

Four Post Lifts

Four post lifts offer stable lifting systems for most vehicles by virtue of their design. Four-post units are the most cost-effective way of lifting a vehicle with wheel supports due to the use of hydraulic power. 

GTC Four Post Lifts

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts can either use recessed platforms or be surface mounted to make them level with the floor of the workshop. The 'in-ground' style allows more flexible use of the workshop area, while also making shop cleaning simpler.

Scissor Lifts

In-ground Lifts

In-ground lifts with balance plates are the perfect solution for normal repair work. Absolute freedom all around and unhindered access to all areas of the vehicle offer the best working conditions. The mechanic does not have to contend with above-ground rams or swivel arms reaching under from outside.

GTC In-ground Lifts

Motorcycle Lifts

GTC provide RAV pantograph or scissor motorcycle lifts. Either can be fitter fitted with a foot-operated hydraulic pump or an air-hydraulic pump. Both models of motorcycle lift has a run-up ramp that allows easy rear wheel removal. These devices can be supplied either with manual vice or with pneumatic vice.

GTC Motorcycle Lifts