Wheel Balancers

GTC supply the Teco range of wheel care equipment in Hampshire and the UK. As a result, our stock range contains products to suit the largest tyre shops and the smallest garages. We carefully select our tyre balancers, changers and wheel balancing equipment for performance, reliability and quality. As experts in these products, we also offer excellent service support.

Teco 62 Hand Spin Wheel Balancer

12th October 2017

The Teco 62 manual electronic hand spin wheel balancer is an ideal choice for any business requiring a mobile wheel balancing solution.

Teco 600 Digital Wheel Balancer

27th November 2017

The Teco 600 a superb low-cost entry level wheel balancer by Teco. Complete with an LCD panel.

Teco 670 Digital Wheel Balancer

19th October 2017

The Teco 670 Mid-Range wheel balancer designed by Teco. Complete with an LCD display panel.

Teco 710 Digital Wheel Balancer

25th October 2017

The Teco 710 a high end wheel balancer designed by Teco. Complete with an eye level mounted LCD display panel and save-spacer wheel hood and wide weight tray cover.

Teco 91 Commercial / Truck Wheel Balancer

3rd April 2018

The Teco 91 is an Electronic Hand Spin Commercial Truck Wheel Balancer. Specifically designed and built for carrying out wheel balancing work on commercial wheels.