Workshop Equipment & Furniture

At GTC we provide DEA workshop cabinets and technical furniture that are manufactured in module size, allowing the design for a technical solution to fit the needs of new build workshops and the constraints of existing workshops. 

With the workshop now being considered by most to be as important aesthetically as the front of house, there is a need to raise the standards whilst at the same time, increase the functionality and connectivity of the workshop environment.

DEA cabinets and technical furniture are manufactured in Italy to the highest standard. With increased growth in vehicle ownership and vehicle leasing, comes the demand for more capacity in vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Fluid Distribution

Our range includes every service team item required for modern automotive workshop.

Bulk oil, water, compressed air, waste oil suction and oil monitoring systems can all be integrated with the service cabinets (from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 12 spools), including short modules with dispenser nozzle outputs from below, or else 2.5 meter modules with dispenser nozzle outputs from above.

Technician's hand tools and waste management facilities can also all be part of the overall integrated design.

Wall Furnishings

In order to make the most of the available space, we offer high capacity Overhead Units with doors mounted on gas springs, ideal for housing folders, tool boxes, containers, sprays and more.

Overhead units are available in two options;

  • Practical units with shutters (manual or motorised), ideal for hanging tools and perfect for positioning in front of workstations in order to allow the operator to always have all the necessary tools within easy reach.
  • Overhead Paneling which is smooth and perforated in order to hang accessories like monitors, paper towel holders, shelves, gas cylinder holders, etc.  Available in height up to 2 metres for dividing different rooms and work zones.


All DEA furniture comes with a choice of finishes to customise specifically for your workshop.

With a choice of colour and finish type (matt or gloss) as well as a choice of handle details, drawer mats, stainless steel profiles and even Panel hole profiles. DEA furniture ensures high quality.

DEA Cabinets

GTC offer a co-ordinated solution with our DEA workshop cabinets deliver stunning and unique results, tailored to your requirements.

This can increase the efficiency and profitability for your business, as well as improving the workshop environment for you and your staff. There are many key benefits to adding DEA workshop cabinets to your garage and their modular design allows for complete flexibility when it comes to planning your workstation.

Key Features of DEA Cabinets
garage workshop design
workshop cabinets
workshop cabinets
garage workshop design
workshop cabinets
garage workshop design
garage workshop design

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MOT Equipment

Our MOT packages offer you modern, reliable equipment at very competitive prices.

Yet when you purchase a GTC MOT bay, you don’t just receive state-of-the-art vehicle lifts, brake testers and emissions testing equipment! As a valued customer, you also get the highest level of service from pre-sales help right through to aftercare.

MOT Equipment

Workshop Design

We can work with you to plan your new workshop layout and produce plan drawings using CAD software.

We can supply and install new equipment (including compressed air and oil line systems). We can also work with other contractors, architects and DVSA to ensure that you get a workshop that satisfies the needs of your business in practical, financial and legal terms.

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